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PE Exam Preparation 2011

IIE HQ is offering a preparatory training course August 27-30, 2011, for the Professional Engineer PE exam that will be given in November. You need to make your application now with your respective state if you are going after the PE exam this year. The PE exam in INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING is only offered in November. (The prerequisite Engineer-In-Training, EIT, exam is offered both spring and fall.) So if your application is in the works to take the exam this year and you think you could benefit from the prep training course, now is your opportunity to sign up and take advantage of the course from IIE HQ. It costs $1,045 for IE members and $1,745 for non members. Looks like it will be held at Norcross, GA, this year, but site could change. It is also offered as a corporate training program and can be held at your site, contact Larry Aft, P.E. (770) 349-1130 for details.

Your IIE chapter can now help those considering going after PE exam in November, 2011 or next year. The application process is lengthy, time consuming, requires samples of work from all work history, and also requires endorsements of PE’s. Your chapter has those people needed to help those making application. Chapter meetings are the place where both parties can meet and get to know one another, and where applicants can plan to get the future needed endorsements on application papers. So come to the chapter meetings including board meetings and meet your associates.

Feel free to contact Bruce Petro, P.E., phone 410.987.4713 for advice in preparing to take the PE exam. We are here to help you.

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