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Decision and Risk Analytics Course

Decision and Risk Analytics is an intense five day course developed for analysts who design, conduct, and manage risk and decision analyses, as well as analysts who are consumers of analytic products or responsible for evaluating them. The course begins with an overview of problem solving from a ‘systems perspective,’ then quickly transitions to risk modeling, integrating systems engineering, risk analysis, and decision analysis. With a common baseline established, the course focuses on the use of risk and decision analysis software. In addition to lecture, there is class work that includes reading assignments, discussions, and class problems using risk and decision analysis software. Although the course includes a discussion on multiple decision and risk analysis software, the focus is ‘hands on’ training with Excel, Oracle’s Crystal Ball, Logical Decisions, and Netica. Students who attend this course will gain an advanced understanding of risk and decision analysis, as well as an appreciation of the philosophies that comprise risk analysis.

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