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November 2017 – President’s Message

President’s Message

Letter from the President

November is a month to say thank you. Personally, I have many people to thank. Thank you for allowing me to lead this chapter for the past two years. It has been both personally and professionally enriching, well beyond my expectations. I also owe thanks to my family for allowing me to spend so many Saturday mornings and weekday evenings leading chapter events.  Here on the eve of Veteran’s Day, I’d like to remind you to thank those who served in uniform, protecting our freedom. I work for a defense company, and I am proud to work side by side with some extraordinary veterans. Together, we work to protect those still in uniform and in harms way. Take a moment this weekend, as I will, to thank the veterans in your life. I’m a person of action, and for me the best way to say thank you for the many gifts in my life is to “pay it forward” with acts of service. Thanks to all of the members and friends who joined us last night at the DC Central Kitchen, where we all chopped our weight in potatoes – food bound for our community’s most needy and least able. If you couldn’t join us last night, I’m certain there are other ways for you to serve your communities closer to home. I encourage you to find them.






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