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November 2010 – President Message

Hello Industrial Engineers and Friends of Industrial Engineers,

Welcome to our November National Capital Newsletter. It is election time for our Board of Directors. I can state with great pride and confidence that our current board of directors are professional, intelligent and successful industrial engineers. They diligently and generously volunteer their time and talents which results in continuous value added for our chapter.

Hopefully all the current directors will continue as volunteers. This would be great! In addition, we do have a few additional open positions for directors, and of course, have no limit to the number of volunteers we can use. I would especially like to get a new director on our board from the Baltimore area.

The time commitment is not great. We attempt to have monthly board meetings. We hold these meetings at Tysons Corner. Occasionally, we will actually skip a monthly board meeting or have it by conference call. Breakfast is a staple at our board meeting.

Our program year starts on 1/1/11 (isn’t that cool!) At our second board meeting we will identify all our areas of concern and which board members will have the lead over these efforts. Some of the areas that directors reside over include membership, networking, programs, social programs, our newsletter, and website, etc.

There are only two hard and fast rules. I ask everyone to evaluate the time commitment and their ability to achieve what they will volunteer for before their accept task or responsibility. Secondly, it is necessary that everyone completes their commitments within time and within budget.

Over the last two years, we have been lucky enough to increase the number of directors. I hope to do this again this year. As the number of directors and volunteers increased over the last two years, we were able to more smoothly and with less total effort on each individual’s part provide more services and accomplish more for our chapter.

The contact information of our current board is on the last page of our newsletter and also listed on our website. Please feel free to contact anyone of us, if you have any questions on volunteering for a board position or to volunteer in general.

If you are interested in volunteering to run for a board position for our 2011 program year, then please contact Mr. Patrick Foxworthy between now and Friday, November 26, 2010. Our election, as was last year’s, will be via internet communication. The election will run from December 1, 2010 through December 17, 2010.

I thank everyone in advance for continuing as members of our National Capital Chapter and for their consideration for running for a board position or for volunteering in other capacities.

Until our next newsletter,

Russell Wooten
President IIE National Capital Chapter

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