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March 2017 – President’s Message

Letter from the President
If you are reading this, you are in a brave minority. Our crack analytics team (thanks Kimberly!) tells us that only 15% or recipients read the monthly
newsletter. However, for every one of you there is another member who reads only the special events emails. So, we’re doing a couple things this month to increase the effectiveness of our communications.

  • First, we’re introducing a brain teaser at the bottom of every newsletter. We will try to make it relevant to industrial and systems engineering, but no promises. If you are the first member to decode the brain teaser correctly and post on one of our social media sites or send in the solution to the email address listed down there, you will get the credit you so richly deserve in the following month’s newsletter AND one of our limited edition IISE Nat Cap embroidered freezable lunch bags.
  • Second, we’re going to start sending out our special events emails on a more regular cadence. Our program year is just getting started, but very soon it will start to fill up with the events you’ve asked us to present. We want you to be up to date on all of those happenings.

Also, if you happen to be talking to another member, there’s a good chance (5/6!) that they are one of those who doesn’t read the email. Tell them how good you think it is.

Are you planning to attend the IISE Annual Conference in Pittsburgh this May? Are you presenting a paper? We want to know! We’d like to organize a Nat Cap get-together while we’re there. If you are speaking, we’d like to promote your presentation to your fellow members. If it’s really good, we might ask you to present it locally at a member event. In whatever capacity you are attending, send us an email and let us know that you’ll be there in Pittsburgh. I can’t wait to see you there.

This month, I am happy to highlight Richard Serota, our new membership director. If you are new to the chapter, you probably already know him. Long-time members will almost certainly meet him if you attend any one of our events this year. I think you will all agree that he a great emissary for our chapter in 2017.



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