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March 2010 – President Message

Dear Industrial Engineers and Friends of Industrial Engineers,

Welcome to our March 2010 newsletter, the official “Hurry Up Spring” Edition.

During the month of March our participation as judges of Science Fairs continues. It is still not too late to volunteer to represent the National Capital Chapter as an organizational judge at a Science Fair near you. Inside this edition of your newsletter, you can find a list of Science Fairs. If you are aware of additional Science Fairs, please send me an email with the information. If you are interested in judging, we will supply you with books and certificates to pass out. We can also provide you with judging strategy.

Finally, if anyone from the Baltimore area is reading this letter, feel free to drop me an email if you are either interested in trying to revitalize the Baltimore Chapter, or if you wish to move your membership to the DC chapter. To do the latter, you will have to work or live within 50 miles of Tysons Corner. As for helping Baltimore get back on its feet, our chapter has offered to help, by providing some assistance to include our tools, goodwill, and a student program. But so far we have not identified anyone from Baltimore to take this lead. Our board director, Richard Leshuk, is investing his own time to meet past Baltimore leadership personnel to try to get them to agree to re-invest their time to get the Baltimore Chapter of IIE back on its feet.

If Richard is not successful, then IIE Headquarters will close the Baltimore Chapter. We (board of the National Capital Chapter) do not want this to happen. We have offered to assist Baltimore, but we cannot take over leadership of their organization. Our attempting to do so would simply hinder our efforts in leading the National Capital Chapter. Volunteers can only do so much. Our chapter wants the Baltimore Chapter to succeed and continue. It takes a lot of work to keep a chapter moving forward, but we (on the board of the National Capital Chapter) believe in the concepts and value-added solutions of industrial engineering.

Until next month; thanks, good luck and enjoy life,

Russell Wooten
President IIE National Capital Chapter

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