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June 2017 – President’s Message

President’s Message

Letter from the President

It must be summer because my workplace is suddenly full of college interns. The next generation of industrial engineers is here! As I always do, I’m going to encourage you reserve your judgment of these young men and women who dress and act differently from your generation, and instead to make the most of this fleeting encounter with the future of our profession.   You certainly have a great deal to teach them, but they also have lessons to give you. Today’s college graduates communicate with each other, and with the world, in ways that you’ve probably never heard of. Yes, you’re going to be frustrated that they are always looking at their phones, but instead of telling them to stop – ask them exactly what they are doing. You might learn something. Their perspectives are going to shape our world and our profession. This is a valuable preview.   One of the many things you can teach them is the value of staying connected to your profession. I don’t have to tell you that. You’re already reading this column, newly ensconced at the bottom of our newsletter. On the way here, you passed announcements for a packed program of technical networking opportunities (and some fun, too). Encourage them to participate in our professional chapter events this summer, and maybe offer to join them. It’s probably been a while since we’ve seen you too.     In short, take the time to be an authentic leader and role model to this, the next generation of professional industrial engineers. You will get as much out of it as they will.





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