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January 2014 – President’s Message

Industrial Engineers and Friends of Industrial Engineers,

Happy New Year and Welcome to our January 2014 Newsletter.

I’m happy to report the National Capital Chapter’s 2014 Board of Directors consists of: Neal Schmeidler, President; Joe Scheibeler, Secretary, Linda Tello, Treasurer; and, Directors Kevin Brathwaite, Patrick Foxworthy, Martin Franklin, Sean Gahagan, Charles Hochstein, Richard Leshuk, Bruce Petro, Manuel Rivera-Figueroa, Shannon Smith, and Anand Subramanian. Joyce Hadley will join the Board on May 1 after her term as IIE Regional Vice President ends.

I would like to thank all who volunteered to serve and help manage the Chapter and orchestrate events for Chapter members. New to the Board this year are Manuel Rivera-Figueroa and Sean Gahagan. Thank you Manuel and Sean for stepping forward; your involvement is appreciated.

During this past election, Russell Wooten ran for the President’s position and I ran for the position of Vice President. Although Russell faithfully served as President of our Chapter for a number of years, he agreed to run for the office of President again since no one stepped forward to run for the position, resulting in Russell’s election as President.

While voting was underway in December, Russell thought long and hard about his workload and his commute from West Virginia where he currently resides and reluctantly decided to decline the position. Since I was elected Vice President, I agreed to fill the position of Chapter President until the next election.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Russell for his valuable service to the Board and to the Chapter members.

I wish all chapter members and our benefactors a Happy New Year and a Joyful, Healthy, and Prosperous 2014. And I look forward to meeting each of you sometime during the year.

Neal Schmeidler
President, IIE National Capital Chapter

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