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January 2013 – President Message

IIE Members and Friends of Industrial Engineers,

Welcome to our January 2013 Newsletter. Our new board term started the 1st of January and runs through the end of December. It is not too late to volunteer your time and skills to help us provide greater value to our membership. The names and contact information of the board is located on our website.

We are currently working on programs for this year, and I believe we will have some excellent programs; starting with Engineers’ Week in February. March and April is Science Fair season in Maryland, DC and Virginia. The chapter provides books for anyone willing to judge a Science Fair on behalf of our chapter. IIE’s international conference is in San Juan, Puerto Rico from May 18 through May 22, 2013. In the summer, we will host two National Baseball Games with all profit above the cost of the tickets going as a donation to the IIE’s Marvin Mundel Memorial Scholarship. And the year will continue with much more excitement.

A special congratulation goes out to Ana Maria. Ana just achieved her Professional Engineering status. Ana did all the work, but did receive study material and encouragement from Bruce Petro and the board. Remember to contact Bruce if you are interested in studying for your Professional Engineering Certificate. Bruce has provided assistance and material to our chapter members for many years.

The board wishes you an efficient and effective New Year and until next month,
Russell Wooten


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