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August 2017 – President’s Message

President’s Message

Letter from the President

If you’re like just about everyone in my office, you are on, coming back from or about to leave for a summer vacation. When I go on vacation, I can’t help but see industrial and systems engineering everywhere I go. And, like the geek I am, I can’t help pointing it out to my kids.   At the amusement park, I explain how IE’s invented the awful serpentine queue, but how they also invented the amazing express pass. We talk about thankless service jobs and how even the lowest paid server deserves a safe workplace and fair wages. I teach my kids that IE is about engineering with empathy.   We also play our favorite game – Spot the Robot. It seems that even my children have heard about how the robots will replace us all someday soon, so I challenge them to find them. Outside of vending machines and the occasional CNC sewing machine embroidering hats, we don’t see many. For now, at least, it seems like the summer jobs of Ocean City’s teenagers are safe.      Back here at the office though, I know exactly where the robot is. It’s in the middle of the factory. It’s big and yellow and it’s broken today. Luckily, one of our summer interns is fixing it – more proof that IE’s have an important part to play in the automated future!







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