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To our Nation’s Traveling Public,

The U.S. transportation security system operates in a dynamic threat environment characterized by sudden change and adversary adaptation. Continuously improving the operations, management, and workforce will increase efficiency and effectiveness, allowing TSA to identify and deliver better security technology solutions, and ultimately strengthen TSA’s ability to achieve its mission of protecting the U.S. transportation system.
Do you have any ideas on how the Transportation Security Administration (TSS) can improve its capabilities in utilizing its current security technology, upgrading its security technology or improving its security processes? I am not looking for official proposals; this is not the process to present contractor proposals. This is a request for suggestions.
What can/should we do it improve these technologies and their processes?
• AIT, Advanced Imaging Technology
• AT, Advanced Technology
• BLS, Bottled Liquid Scanner
• EDS, Explosives Detection System
• ETD, Explosives Trace Detector
If interested submit your ideas to me before October 25, 2012.

Russell Wooten
U. S. Department of Homeland Security
Transportation Security Administration
Office of Information Technology
Office of IT Strategy & Innovation
Strategy & Enterprise Management Division
IT Strategy Branch Chief
571-227-2040 (office)
202-536-9525 (Blackberry)

IIE Fellow and Edelman Laureate
IIE/SEMS Management Award, ‘11
INFORMS Moving Spirit Award, ’09
DC Council of Engineers and Architects Engineer of the Year, ’07
Franz Edelman Academy Member, ’06

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