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National Chapter Chapter’s standing policy relative to support of IIE Student Chapters

This information has been passed along to both Virginia Tech and Morgan State faculty during the current school year. In the case of Morgan State, the wording was edited to reflect the fact that Morgan State does not currently have a Student Chapter.

Institute of Industrial Engineers, Senior Chapters has a commitment to support IE students. While The National Capital Chapter of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (NCC IIE) has no universities with IE programs within its formal geographic boundaries, we do have a defined program of Student support. It is our intention to periodically reiterate that policy for IE Student support to the proximate IE programs.

National Capital Chapter Standing Policy for IE Student Outreach:

  1. All technical meetings sponsored or co-sponsored by NCC IIE are open to IE students at no cost.
  2. IIE National Headquarters encourages Senior Chapters to included Student Chapter leaders in Board of Directors meetings. NCC IIE supports this initiative and welcomes Student Chapter people who might have the opportunity to attend any of these monthly, Saturday AM meetings. The schedule can be found in the Chapter Newsletter posted on the Chapter website.
  3. IIE students are encouraged to access all of the resources on the NCC IIE website including periodic job postings in our Newsletter. Newcomers to the Washington DC area job market may request a summary professional profile write-up in the Newsletter.
  4. The NCC IIE will rebate the reduced, 1st year, transition to Senior Chapter, National IIE dues for any graduating IE joining the NCC IIE.
  5. The NCC IIE maintains a speakers program to accommodate Student Chapter requests. At present, there are 3 presentations available, subject to schedule constraints – (a) Finding Career Opportunities in the Federal Sector – (b) Opportunities for PhD IEs Outside of Academia – (c) Technology Transfer from an IE Perspective.
  6. The DC Council of Engineer and Architect Societies (DCCEAS) sponsors an annual Student Paper Contest. NCCIIE is ready to support any students interested in competing for this (lightly contested) cash award.
  7. NCC IIE is open to discussing any Student Chapter request for specific assistance.

For more information contact National Capital Chapter Director Richard Leshuk or President Russell Wooten.

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