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Global productivity survey

Greetings IIE Friends and Colleagues:

This message is to invite you to participate in a global productivity survey being conducted by the World Confederation of Productivity Science (WCPS). IIE is a Networking Partner of WCPS, and I am addressing you as members of the Council on Industrial Engineering and IIE’s Industry Advisory Board.

I serve in a leadership role in both IIE and WCPS, and I know many of you personally. I am imposing on our friendship to request a brief interruption from your busy schedule to provide some valuable input to this web-based survey. (IE’s know productivity!)

Several of you joined in creating this survey through one-hour live interviews. Thank you for that. When I eliminate the dialogues that took place during these sessions, I expect it will take the rest of you less than 30 minutes to respond electronically. My best advice is to do it now! To access the survey, go to:

Responses to the survey are absolutely confidential. No individuals will be linked by name or by organization with their responses in any presentations or reports that result from the survey data analysis. We are asking for your name, email address, the name of your organization and your title so that we can classify and analyze the data by industry and by respondent perspective, and perhaps to contact you to follow up on responses that are unclear or of especially high probative value.

The survey includes both open and closed ended items. The open ended items will allow you an opportunity to provide more depth in your responses. We provided space in the final item for you to share your thoughts on issues that are important to you, but that we failed to ask.

I will endeavor to meet briefly with both CIE and IAB in Cancun. If you could find time to respond in that time frame, WCPS will be able to begin merging your data with others from many venues around the globe, and report back to IIE. WCPS plans to make our initial report at World Productivity Congress XVI in Antalya, Turkey, in November. To learn more go to:

Thank you for your participation. A continuing IIE/WCPS alliance is one of my fondest dreams as I conclude many years of joyful service on the IIE Board of Trustees this June.

Peace through Productivity,

George L. Smith, PhD, PE
Treasurer and Trustee, Institute of Industrial Engineers
Vice President and Trustee, World Confederation of Productivity Science


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