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Earthquake: Simple do’s and dont’s

During an Earthquake

During an earthquake, if you are inside a building remain in the building and move away from any windows, glass partitions or any other furniture that could fall over as a result of the earthquake. For safety, you should take cover under tables and desks if possible. People in elevator lobbies or corridors should lie face down alongside an interior wall. Elevators usually have a seismic switch, which will slow the cab and stop it at the nearest floor. Once on that floor, the doors will open and passengers should remain in the elevator lobby. Individuals outside of the building should remain outside and should move away from the building to avoid being hit by any falling debris. Most injuries during earthquakes occur when people try to exit or enter a building.

After an Earthquake

Professionals should assess the condition of buildings to ensure that all utilities such as gas, water and electricity are operational. They will also verify all building operating systems such as the life safety system, energy management system, central plant equipment and security systems. Professional should also inspect as much of the physical structure as possible and will note any structural damage.

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