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Capital Science 2012

The Washington Academy of Sciences and its Affiliates Present Capital Science 2012 to be held March 31 – April 1

On Saturday and Sunday, March31-April 1, 2012, The Washington Academy of Sciences (WAS) and its Affiliates will hold the fifth in the series of biennial pan-Affiliate Conferences, Capital Science 2012. This will be the first CapSci to be hosted by a consortium of the three universities that line the University Corridor on Glebe Road in Arlington Virginia — Virginia Tech, GWU, and Marymount. (Near the Ballston stop on the Metro). Registration and plenaries will be held at the new Virginia Tech facility at 900 North Glebe Road. Additional classrooms will be next door at GWU and at Marymount, just across Fairfax Drive.

With over 20 WAS Affiliates participating, the Conference will serve as an umbrella for scientific presentations, seminars, tutorials, and talks. These pan-Affiliate Conferences underline the fact that the Washington, DC area is not only the political capital of the country but, in many respects, the nation’s intellectual capital — with several major universities and government laboratories that are the homes of an astonishing number of Nobel laureates. The WAS believes that showcasing the intellectual muscle of the area will help provide the support needed to continue to build and keep the United States at the forefront of scientific achievement.

The Industrial Engineers & Operation Research Sessions (IIE/WINFORMS) are scheduled for Saturday, March 31 2012 from 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM in room 204 at Marymount University (1000 N. Glebe). Registration opens in the Virginia Tech building (900 N. Glebe Rd.) at 8:00AM Saturday morning. As fellow industrial engineers, I hope you all can attend the IE sessions. Additionally, there are two presentations on Saturday morning of general interest. The first is at 10:00AM in Marymount Room 202, where the Potomac Overlook naturalist will discuss the suburban/urbanization of the raptors, using a live hawk to demonstrate. The second is at 11:00AM in Room 201 Marymount where one of the Optical Society presentations features “frizion”, the science of light transformed into art. The presenter has an interesting take on ice sculpture.

Industrial Engineers & Operation Research Session Schedule

Saturday 3:30PM
Authors: Anil R. Kumar and Anand Subramanian JFAssociates, Inc
Topic: The Need to Integrate Human Aspect in a Process Improvement Endeavor

Saturday 4:00PM
Authors: Anand Subramanian and Anil Kumar, JFAssociates, Inc.
Topic: Rating Employee Performance for Non-Manufacturing Jobs Using Work Measurement Techniques

Saturday 4:30PM
Authors: Anil R. Kumar and Anand Subramanian, JFAssociates, Inc.
Topic: Role of Industrial Engineer in Improving Quality of Life

Saturday 5:00PM
Authors: Neal F. Schmeidler, OMNI Engineering & Technology, Inc.
Topic: Staffing Model Development

Saturday 5:30PM
Authors: Donald Weitzman
Topic: A Critique of Contemporary Approaches to ATC Modernization: A Personal Theory

I’m looking forward to seeing you at CapSci12.

Anand Subramanian
Chair – Industrial Engineers & Operation Research Session at CapSci2012
Director – IIE National Capital Chapter

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