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Capital Science 2010, Presented by the Washington Academy of Science and its Affiliated Societies

March 27, 2010 - March 28, 2010

Capital Science is a biennial two-day event of scientific presentations, seminars, tutorials, and talks put on by the Washington Academy of Sciences and its affiliated societies.

Location: National Science Foundation in Arlington, VA
4201 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA 22203-0002
(703) 292-5111

On Saturday and Sunday, March 27-28 2010, The Washington Academy of Sciences (WAS) and its Affiliated Societies (including WINFORMS and IIE) will hold the fourth in the series of biennial pan-Affiliate Conferences, Capital Science 2010 (CapSci 2010). It will be held in the Conference Facility of the National Science Foundation in Arlington, VA at the Ballston Metro stop. The Conference will serve as an umbrella for scientific presentations, seminars, tutorials, and talks. These pan-Affiliate Conferences underline the fact that the Washington, DC area is not only the political capital of the country but, in many respects, the nation’s intellectual capital – with several major universities and government laboratories that are the homes of an astonishing number of Nobel laureates.

WAS believes that showcasing the intellectual muscle of the area will help provide the support needed to continue to build and keep the United States at the forefront of scientific achievement. As the Conference gets closer, additional information – including Conference highlights, schedule of presentations, abstracts of talks, fees, and registration information – will be posted as it becomes available here.

Featured Speakers
The Saturday evening dinner meeting will feature a keynote address by NSF Director Dr. Arden Bement.

The speaker at Saturday lunch meeting will be Dr. Jay Sanders, President and CEO of The Global Telemedicine Group and Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He was a member of the Department of Defense Telemedicine Board of Directors with the Surgeon Generals of the Army, Navy, and Air Force and, during the Clinton administration he directed the U.S. telemedicine initiatives to the G-8 nations.

The Sunday lunch meeting will feature a talk by Dr. James Yorke, Distinguished University Professor of Mathematics and Physics and Chairman of the Mathematics Department of the University of Maryland. His current research projects range from chaos theory and weather prediction and genome research and the investigation of computer networks to the population dynamics of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. He is best known to the general public for coining the mathematical term “chaos” with T.Y. Li in a 1975 paper entitled “Period Three Implies Chaos”. Among his honors is the Japan Award from the Science and Technology Foundation of Japan and the Washington Academy of Sciences Award. Professor Yorke is widely recognized as a brilliant speaker.

WINFORMS and the Institute of Industrial Engineering (IIE) have put together a full program of speakers on interesting topics. The session titles, speakers, and room assignments (tentative) are given below:

Does lean-six sigma (lss) effort help predict the quality of the product and increase profitability? A healthcare industry study
Anand Subramanian, Ram R. Bishu, Jeffrey E. Fernandez, and Deepak Subramanian
JFAssociates, Inc. Vienna, VA; Department of Industrial Engineering University of Nebraska-Lincoln Lincoln, NE; Accenture India Chennai, India
Date and Time: Saturday, 9:00AM
Location: Room 120

Virtual Office Ergonomics Evaluation: A Cost Effective Green Office Implementation Method
Anil R Kumar, Brandy Ware and Jeffrey Fernandez, JFAssociates, Inc
Date and Time: Saturday, 10:00AM
Location: Room 120

Overview of the DoD Analytic Agenda
Charles D. Burdick, Innovative Decisions, Inc.
Date and Time: Saturday, 2:00PM
Location: Room 120

Addressing Hybrid Warfare in a Campaign Environment
Charles D. Burdick, Innovative Decisions, Inc.
Date and Time: Saturday, 2:30PM
Location: Room 120

Modeling an Adaptive Competitor
Russell R. Vane III, IBM Global Business Services
Date and Time: Saturday, 3:00PM
Location: Room 120

Staffing Model Development
Neal F. Schmeidler, OMNI Engineering & Technology, Inc.
Date and Time: Sunday, 10:00AM
Location: Room 120

Estimating Conflict Detection Counts in Air Traffic
Nastaran Coleman and Ellis Feldman, Federal Aviation Administration
Date and Time: Sunday, 11:00AM
Location: Room 120

Simulation Modeling as a Paradigm for Quantitative Sociological Research
Steven P. Wilcox, Serco Inc
Date and Time: Sunday, 2:00PM
Location: Room 120


March 27, 2010
March 28, 2010


National Science Foundation in Arlington, VA
4201 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA 22203 United States
(703) 292-5111