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Two IIE Ballgame Outings Raise $200 for Mundel Scholarship

Only two chapter members – yes, only two – attended the August 4 Mundel Memorial Scholarship Ballgame fundraiser IIE group outing to see the first place Nationals 10-7 come-from-behind win over the Miami Marlins. Although it’s disappointing that a larger number of our 240 chapter members didn’t participate as a group, $200 was raised for the Mundel Memorial Scholarship fund from the combined net proceeds of our two ballgame outings this year. The other game was on June 16 between the Washington Nationals and NY Yankees.

I did a lot of cheering and celebrating when the NATS scored 6 game-winning runs in the 8th inning including back-to-back home runs by Espinosa and Harper. LaRoche hit a pair of home runs in the earlier innings. Although the weather was hot, we had a pleasant breeze in our upper infield gallery seats among the crowd of over 33,000. Unfortunately, the free NATS T-shirts were all gone, even though I arrived early.

– submitted by Joe Scheibeler, Chapter Secretary

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