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Report: Northern Virginia Regional Science Fair Report

Every year members of the IIE National Capital Chapter judge students’ projects at local science fairs for middle school and high school students, awarding certificates and engineering-themed books for youth provided by the chapter for students demonstrating the scientific method and applications of industrial engineering topics.

At the Northern Virginia Regional Science Fair for middle school students, held at Wakefield High School in Arlington on Saturday morning March 2, three projects demonstrating applications of industrial engineering topics were selected for chapter awards. Gunston Middle School student, Clayton Reppert, was awarded a first place certificate for his project, What is the Least Expensive Solution for Cleaning the Chesapeake Bay Using Mass Produced Oyster Farms. The student explained that oysters perform the function of helping to purify bay water. For his project, he provided three different enclosures for oysters comparing both their initial and upkeep (or maintenance) costs. By calculating the actual cash flows he determined that the design with the highest initial cost had the lowest total cost over the oyster-raising time horizon. Also from Gunston Middle School, Ricardo Mestre was awarded second place for his project, The Effect of the Return Made or Lost Using the “Mestre Method” Compared to the S&P 500. He applied his own algorithm for simulated purchase and sale of stock over a specific time period resulting in higher net transaction gains than the S&P 500 average over the same time (excluding transaction costs). Finally, third place was awarded to Dakota Wenberg of Washington-Lee Middle School for her project, The Effect of GDP on the price of a “Big Mac.” She gathered price and GDP data and determined (by statistical t-test) that there was a significant relationship between the price of a “Big Mac” and GDP per capita.

Submitted by Joe Scheibeler, Chapter Secretary

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