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Report: Anne Arundel County Regional Science and Engineering Fair

Anne Arundel County Regional Science and Engineering Fair
Saturday, March 2, 2013

Report by Bruce Petro, IIE Judge

Today I participated at the subject fair as the IIE National Capital Chapter Judge. Student projects were reviewed and evaluated, and prizes were determined including certificates printed off site and then delivered to the site this morning for distribution at their formal recognition event, at a later date.

Prizes awarded included certificates (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 2 Honorable Mentions), the first 3 with a book/science kit, and each wrapped with a blue ribbon. Certificates were printed in color off site due to reported problems with the printer at the event, signed, and my Professional Engineer (PE) seal embossed on premium parchment paper. The first 3 prizes included the following book/kits: Davinci; Bell; and Edison. The presentation ceremony will be at a later date, and I do not plan on attending. Prizes were left in a paper tote bag with Valerie Wesner, county representative for the event.

Following are the winners:

1st Prize: J.W.,
Project title: Creating Energy Efficient Solar Powered Homes.
Project # 0908025
Category: 08 Engineering: Electrical & Mechanical
(IE note: This project was an energy cost reduction analysis project that measured the effects of different types of solar powered devices with application in a community.)

2nd Prize: J.L.,
Project title: Stop Wasting Energy and Go Green
Project # 0907035
Category: 07 Engineering: Electrical & Mechanical.
(IE note: This project was a cost benefit type project that measured the performance of reduced lighting applications such as LED lights for large scale projects such as traffic lights and car lights.)

3rd Prize: I.M.,
Project title: Flood Proof Houses for Third World Countries.
Project # 0810192
Category: Engineering: Materials & Bioengineering
(IE note: This project was a creative application of available resources to help solve the problem of flooding in communities in Third World Countries and help reduce the tragic loss of homes by making them float and survive a flood by building a box under the small home frame and filling it with buoyant plastic bottles. The student had photos of how it could work with applications now and on large scale.)

Honorable Mention: S.G.,
Project title: Cut Rate Guitar Strings
Project # 0808010
Category: Engineering: Materials & Bioengineering
(IE note: This creative student saw several family members build home made guitars from common materials and thought how about using common wires for guitar strings, and tested the idea with different material wires, and applied a very scientific approach to testing and measuring the effects.)

Honorable Mention: A.M.,
Project title: Building Differently
Project # 0809089
Category: Engineering: Materials & Bioengineering.
(IE note: This student initiated a project that required creative fabrication and testing of different shaped building masses and measured the effects of heat and strength.)

General Comments:
This time the evaluations were based on project reviews without the students present. I reviewed the project and especially the initial interest that lead them to seek out the basic idea including purpose and aspects, and applications especially on large scale benefit to community and many people.

All project titles were reviewed for potential Industrial Engineering values including cost benefit, cost reduction, energy conservation, and large scale applications to humanity.

Many students provided handouts including abstract and other information.

There were 337 projects listed in the advance list, 63 were listed in the engineering categories. 12 of those sounded very interesting regarding IE and 20 others outside of engineering sounded interesting but there were a few that did not show. Most were individual student projects, some were team efforts. Following are the categories and number of projects listed:

01 Animal Science, 6
02 Behavioral Social Sciences, 24
03 Biochemistry, 16
04 Cellular & Molecular Biology,
05 Chemistry, 45
06 Computer Science, 4
07 Earth Science, 7
08 Engineering: Materials & Bioengineering, 32
09 Engineering: Electrical & Mechanical, 31
10 Energy & Transportation, 13
11 Environmental Sciences, 51
12 Environmental Management, 13
13 Mathematics, 8
14 Medicine & Health Science, 16
15 Microbiology, 8
16 Physics & Astronomy, 41
17 Plant Science, 17
18 Team Projects, included above.

Location: North County High School, 10 E. 1st Ave, Glen Burnie, MD 21061
Point of contact: Valerie Wesner

Students will receive their awards at the Awards Ceremony, in about 10 days. I will not be attending, but am assured our awards will be presented for us.

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