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High School Career Fair 2013

Over 100 students at Theodore Roosevelt High School attended the Washington DC Rotary Club’s Annual Career Fair held at the school on Thursday morning, December 12. The Engineering profession was presented by IIE National Capital Chapter Secretary, Joe Scheibeler, who is also past president of the Rotary Club of Falls Church, Virginia. The format changed from previous years which included about 200 students from several DC high schools hosted by about twenty career representatives assigned to individual career tables to provide ten-minute discussions of their career fields to successive groups of students rotating among the tables.

This year, each of five presenters rotated separately among five classrooms of 20 to 30 students each to give five 15-minute talks about their respective career fields. The fields covered were Law, Automotive, International Service, Community Service and Engineering. The DC Rotary Club provided a lasagna lunch to the presenters and students at the final session in each of the five classrooms. The students were well-behaved and attentive. For my “talk” on engineering, I provided a short video obtained from National Engineers Week featuring interviews of young engineers from diverse backgrounds at work in various engineering specialties and assignments.

I concluded with a brief overview of Engineering, reviewing the major types of engineering offered by colleges. The average annual engineering starting salary in 2013 was $62,535. There are currently about two million engineers in the United States many of whom will eventually branch into other fields during their careers.

I enjoyed spending a morning away from the normal work routine to hopefully provide information to benefit youth interested in learning something about engineering. Below is my picture with two students at the conclusion of the Career Day lunch session. (I’m the short bald guy in the middle, as if you couldn’t tell.)

– Submitted by Joe Scheibeler, Chapter Secretary


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