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Manufacturing Plant Tour Report

This event was a joint effort shared by our National Capital Chapter, many representatives from the former Baltimore, Maryland IIE Chapter, friends of IIE (reached by our newsletter), and a few others from the general public, although reservations were required by all 50 persons attending. Our IIE portion of the group totaled 25 although our automated free reservation process missed some of those attending.

The tour started in the reception area complete with available souvenirs including glasses, cool T-shirts, Pirate style eye patches that flipped with a message, think “Arrgh”, and a fistful of tokens good for 5 samples (if you bought the glass). The bar had many draft brews available, several bar tenders served our needs (minimal waiting time) and bottle sales were also provided. It was difficult to decide which brew to have next or which was best.

Kelly, our tour guide, was a gracious host, took us through the entire plant, and answered all our questions thoroughly. Sorry, no bungs were available as souvenirs, they are all used to plug bung holes. After a few samples, everyone was in good spirits and speaking pirate talk, Arrgh. The site was well engineered, clean, and impressive with large capacity stainless steel equipment. They were in the process of greatly expanding their facilities. One of the brews had 8% alcohol. All samples were distinct, and some tasted better at the bottom of the glass than the first sip. Fortunately the tour took about and hour and a half and gave most a chance to sober up for the trip to lunch at Adams Rib in Severna Park.

At Adams, the bar also had many varieties of Heavy Seas Beer available on tap plus 5 oz. portions could be had in a variety set of 4 glasses, plus many more choices were on tap and in bottle. The lunch menu provided a variety of good food, large portions, and reasonable prices. Nobody left Adams hungry. Nobody left the tour site or Adams thirsty.

A suggestion was made that perhaps we could make the tour an annual event or combine it with other successful program activities. Although our secretary conducted the official survey with documentation representing a good sample size of the group attending, it appeared a good time was had by all. Certainly everyone who imbibed in the beer samples were in good spirits, or maybe it was the good spirits that were in them. Arrgh!

IIE Report of Manufacturing Plant Tour
Clipper City Brewing Co. LP, Heavy Seas Beer
Halethorp, Maryland 21227
July 14, 2012
by Bruce Petro

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