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Event Report: Engineers Week 2010 – Future Cities

39 Teams of Middle School students from throughout the country came to Washington DC to display and discuss their Future City simulation projects for the National Engineers Week competition at the Capitol Hill Hyatt. Three judges from the IIE National Capital Chapter spent Sunday afternoon, Feb. 14, listening to students explain their projects and answer questions. Review of each of the 39 projects was strictly limited to four minutes per interview. On that basis, the chapter’s president, Russell Wooten, past president, Charles Hochstein and secretary, Joe Scheibeler were tasked to select the winning team in the category of Excellence in Systems Integration on behalf of IIE. The team they selected as first in this category was the New Jersey Region Team whose future city of Waihona Meli was located in Hawaii.

Among the future city’s many features:
– providing temporary housing for world tsunami victims
– the “temporary” housing is degradable after about 5 years reducing landfill waste
– their main industry is tourism
– they convert geothermal energy to steam
– they collect rainwater
– each home uses solar “paint” which contributes to energy production
– they had a supply chain diagram
– they have “vertical” farming using building roofs and terraces
– their raw materials are imported
– they had an excellent flip chart display.

The IIE award was presented to students by Russell Wooten on Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 16.  Other organizations presented awards and the team winning the overall national competition was from a middle school in Davidson NC. Ironically, they were selected for second place by our chapter judges in the IIE systems integration category.

(Submitted by Joseph Scheibeler)

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