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Event Report: Dr. Robert Wise (May 2010)

Some of our events take a long time to plan and execute but this one just may have set the record, two years (that we’ll admit to). Dr. Wise offered to present his briefing to us because his book is about to be published and he wanted to share his material to us as a test for some positive feedback (or constructive criticism, does he know us or what?)

The site was the convenient and spacious office building right next door to the big postal mail processing facility, just outside the beltway in Merrifield, VA.

A convenient gourmet box lunch was available from the catering experts, RSVP, right across the street. They did not disappoint those of us who took advantage of the opportunity including fresh baked cookies (we had to wait for them to come out of the oven). Plus, for the even more cost effective brown bag lunch folks, plenty of additional cookies (quantity and variety) were provided for all from a noted supplier of good ones. Sounds like an IIE chapter board meeting, I know, but this was for a program event. By the way, all are invited to attend and participate in monthly IIE chapter board meetings.

We had 24 advance registrations for this event plus additional folks who showed up unannounced, but that condition is always acceptable for any of our program events. We always make allowances for change, we are industrial engineers. Such a pleasant surprise when our program exceeds our expectations. (Note: All those who made reservations got seats.)

Our guest speaker, Dr. Wise, also exceeded our expectations with a lively briefing that included much interaction with the crowd. He outlined the management principles of his soon to be published book that I’m sure we all look forward to reading in detail. Part of his interaction included a hands one exercise in budgeting and statistics that was an eye opening experience for all of us.

Although Dr. Wise was working under a very tight schedule, he managed to fulfill his advertised program right up to the minute and even took the extra time to entertain and discuss in detail all questions presented to him afterwards. We presented him with some appropriate but token honorarium, actually filled with priceless thanks, before he dashed to his next contract assignment at a major Federal Agency in Washington, D.C. Your chapter is proud to have delivered a very filling and tasty lunch, and a thoroughly cost effective, educational and entertaining lunchtime presentation.

Submitted by Bruce Petro, Chapter Director and event program chairman.

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