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District of Columbia Rotary High School Career Fair

Approximately 200 Roosevelt High School students attended the Washington DC Rotary Club’s Annual Career Fair held at Roosevelt High School on Tuesday morning, December 4. It included about two dozen DC-area organizations, whose purpose was to apprise students of potential career paths. Each organization was assigned to their own round table accommodating about ten students to distribute pamphlets and give a five to ten minute talk about their respective professions. After each discussion, including Q & A, students moved on to other tables and another group of students sat down. Since high school students interested in engineering would not yet be in a position to select a specific branch of engineering, my table provided information on engineering in general.

The students were well-behaved and I answered questions such as:

  • “What colleges have good engineering programs?”
  • “How much do engineers earn?”
  • “What do you do in your work?”
  • “Where do you work?”
  • “What was your SAT score?” etc.

I suggested they check the various college programs on line or in their school guidance office.

I enjoyed spending a morning away from the normal work routine to hopefully provide information of benefit to youth interested in finding out more about engineering.

– Submitted by Joe Scheibeler

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