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Chapter Activity Report Credit for 2016

In preparation for the annual Chapter Activity Report please let us know by email to if you have participated in any of the following activities between Jan. and Dec. 2015 that qualify for CAR credit for the chapter:

  1. Specific dates and page numbers of any articles you authored that appeared in an IIE publication other than our chapter’s newsletter
  2. For any professional talks or webinars you may have given, please provide the name of the group and the specific date and title of your talk.
  3. Please provide the name of the group and the specific date for any visits to schools or student groups/meetings, including career fairs and judging at science fairs, Future Cities, or mentoring of students or young professionals
  4. IIE-sanctioned events, conferences or seminars you attended
  5. Participation in IIE Regional or National leadership position
  6. Voluntary application of IE skills for the benefit of a non-profit organization, church, hospital, school, boy scouts, etc.
  7. Member recruitment or retention activities you implemented
  8. Discussion/Bulletin Board or Listserve you provided on chapter’s behalf
  9. Nomination(s) for IIE’s Honors & Awards you facilitated
  10. Publication of chapter activities or member news in local publications you may have provided (please provide publication name, date and page number)

Thank you – Joe Scheibeler, CAR Director


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