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Is anyone interested in working for me? Well sort of!!

This position is for an Operations Research analyst with the primary task of supporting my boss for test and evaluation (T&E) across all of TSA. When in the domain of the Strategy & Enterprise Management Division (SEMD) and not working on T&E, this person would assist me in creating efficiencies through metrics and analytics. Lots of great and cool OR stuff. When not in the SEMD domain, this person would work for the Office of Acquisition and do really boring stuff.

Well no job is perfect!

Operations Research Analyst – SV-1515-J Quick View | More Like This

Russell Wooten
U. S. Department of Homeland Security
Transportation Security Administration
Office of Information Technology
Office of IT Strategy & Innovation
Strategy & Enterprise Management Division
IT Strategy Branch Chief
571-227-2040 (office)
202-536-9525 (Blackberry)
IIE Fellow and Edelman Laureate
IIE/SEMS Management Award, ‘11
INFORMS Moving Spirit Award, ’09
DC Council of Engineers and Architects Engineer of the Year, ’07
Franz Edelman Academy Member, ’06

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