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Quote of the Month (November 2014) Quote of the Month (November »

"essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful" ― George E. P. Box [...]

Quote of the Month (October 2014) Quote of the Month (October »

“The simple act of paying positive attention to people has a great deal to do with productivity.” [...]

Dr. Averill M. Law Simulation Modeling Fall 2014 Course Schedule Dr. Averill M. Law Simulation »

Dr. Averill M. Law, who has given more than 545 short courses on simulation modeling and applied [...]


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Message from Career Services Director – February 2015

This month I want to introduce the format we'll be using in our monthly installments. This isn't the only content we will be providing every month, but [Read More]

General Communication

SWE Capitol Hill Day 2015 SWE Capitol Hill »

IIE headquarters has asked us to represent the Institute at the SWE-sponsored event [...]

Mundel Scholarship Ballgame Fundraisers Mundel Scholarship »

The chapter has planned one Orioles and two Nationals ballgame outings this year: - [...]

Director Spotlight: Stacyanne Walker, Programs Director Director Spotlight: »

Greetings! I am Stacyann Walker and I have the honor of serving as your Programs [...]